Intuitive intention
It’s important to have intuitive intention. The intuition is actually the soul communicating. have faith, surrender, relax, and trust the universe. Don’t try to force things don’t get all attached to the outcome. Create an intuitive intention and trust that the universe knows what’s best for me. Don’t be all or nothing for needing a specific outcome or else you’ll be upset. leave it open for the universe to bring things to you from many different angles. Maybe the universe brings you something way better than you the intended outcome that you desired some thing you would have never of imagined on your own Be mindful, stay present and allow the intuition to come through set an intention based off that intuition and surrender to the universe with faith trust and love that it knows what’s best for you at this time don’t force anything allow things to come through me allow things to come to me And focus on the present moment, staying in flow state in harmony with my higher self.