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How to Manage Change

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Change is not easy, especially if you hoped it lasted or expected to be in a certain way but it turned out to be not true. Change is inevitable. Rather than resisting change, we can learn to see change as our teacher. What is change teaching you about yourself and others?
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I am able to open my heart to new possibilities and love. I can change not only my views but my expectations. I am not meant to be stagnant
I need to step back from my judgemental mind when experiencing something new (like starting college next year) and try to embrace it for everything it is without dwelling on what it’s missing.
Experience as they are...
Experience are emotions as they are. We are not our emotions because they come and go. Just enjoy them.
How to Manage Change...
I think the point here was that the way we react to change affects so many other things that we can’t anticipate. Getting angry over small matters leaves you unable to even try to cope with the enormous difficulties inherent in worse situations, such as death. Breathing really does help.
Emotions change
I learned that all emotions are subject to change in an instant .
These meditations are really relaxing and I love them
I love these meditations because they are relaxing I have noticed that when I meditate I feel like I’m relaxed and I am stress free and I feel less tired and I have learned not to stress so much because I feel like god’s here with me and when he is he saying don’t worry about it Margo I’ve been here for you along with you pray to me and I love to meditate and listen to relaxing music the people that are on there love to help you relax and stay calm and at peace and the color blue helps me relax and stay calm and help me not think about anything that upsets me that is why I love meditations
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