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How To Make Better Decisions

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Life Coaching
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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
A short, motivating talk to help you overcome perfectionism and make clear and conscious decisions. Lou shares practical insights that can help you make minor choices easier, so you have more energy for important decisions and other areas of your life. Photo by Burst on Unsplash
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5 reflections
Making decisions
I learned about choices and decisions, and to follow for more insight!
Choice vs Decision
Love this! Thankyou. Also ticking something as done vs perfection. 🙏👍
The Art of Decisions
In this life coaching session, we explore the idea that choices are not decisions. Choices, such as what we decide to wear on any given day doesn’t hold much weight in our lives whereas decisions, such as where we decide to live, does. In decision making, we need to concentrate on the art of making a decision rather than focusing all of our energy on whether we make the ‘right’ decision. As a person that has had perfectionist tendencies, I can certainly contest that a ton of energy has been spent pondering the ‘right’ decision. At times, this has led me where I don’t make a decision at all. I wallowed in the land of indecision feeling frustrated and confused. Life moves through me when I make decisions. As I ponder this, I realize that it is much more important to listen to my intuition when it comes to the art of making a decision. In order to listen to this soft voice of intuition, I must quiet my mind. This is where the practice of pausing throughout the day pays off dividends. Pausing for a few moments and sensing how my body feels will lead me to the right decision. So, the art of making a decision is pausing. My job is to remember to take this pause and feel into my body. Then in order to make a decision, I must trust that my intuition knows the right way. Because in all actuality, intuition does know what is best for me! Thank you for this wonderful life lesson! Namaste
Very insightful
I learned that there are differences between choices and decisions. What really struck home was the last statement that life does not move until a decision is made. How obvious and true that is yet I never realized it until hearing it so clearly stated.
Making decisions is better than sweating over the right one. Especially with smaller decisions. I see how that works. I have the same thing happen when ordering at restaurants as you do! So silly. Decisions keep life flowing. Most of the time I can arrive at a decision fairly easily. I don't make it into a big thing.
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