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How to Love and Value Yourself (Full Version)

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Each one of us has had to overcome experiences that impacted our confidence and self esteem. In this episode of Life Coaching Wisdom, I share one client's journey of overcoming harsh criticism and their need to seek of approval - and what happens when we learn how to love and value our self - first (and from within). Namaste! xo
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5 reflections
What your loved people say is forming what you are. Be more aware and find your worth.
Take care of me now
I really need to focus on my own worth. Respect myself. No longer allow abusive person to effect my value or worth anymore. No longer judge myself based on what narcissistic ex Tom says more now that is horrible. No longer accept being called names like skank, whore, bitch or allow continuous accusations that are false and known better to consume my time or take away happiness daily. What he says is not me or who I’ve been. Responds first with anger disbelief then hate and rage quickly. Cussing at me causing me to cry and hurt and gets even more enraged containing to hurt. No longer allowing him to decide how my day may go or ruin each morning with obnoxious hateful snd cruel messages. Never tried to solve anymore or have desire to be good. Constantly challenging. Aggressive. Drinking. Drugs all day long. Prescription plus street then needs money. Insults so hateful and cruel. Doesn’t hurt him to hurt me. He has dictated my worth, happiness, sleep, feeling good or confident. Taken away feeling loved, respected, cared about, important also, special, lucky and loved, took away motivation and good feelings of being good and happy normally. He is gone. He never loved me snd I need to love myself and care about myself for myself. Be happy with me and my words, actions, environment even if it’s dorky. Be myself and feel relaxed at peace within reason. Take care of myself. He won’t. No one will so improve your life on your own and possibilities are endless 🙌
Self love
I definitely finally realize why I don’t love myself enough. Why I over compensate until I’m nothing and I have to pick myself up again
Parenting or self help
This piece is more about how to raise your children than fixing your inner thoughts.
More about parenting
This audio is more about parenting. Not quite titled or described perfectly
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