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How to Live with Mindfulness ...Daily

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Mindfulness is a practice we live to experience life in far more beautiful ways. Please join me here for a Meditation that allows you to practice mindfulness daily; ever so perfectly. Namaste! xo dorothy
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11 reflections
How to live meditation
Simply put , Dorothy Ratusny is gentle yet powerfully effective as a teacher .Once again I say thank you...masterfully done !
I learned that
I tend to practice meditation, but not mindfulness, so I’m missing a lot of the benefits that come from a regular meditation practice. I want to work on correcting that!
How to live with mindful
Taking deep breathes consciously, was something I wouldn’t consider mediating but this was different. The instructors calm voice and directions for breathing were refreshing. I feel so at peace now.
Du kan ta et øyeblikk for å kjenne på alt kor som helst, når som helst, med øyan åpen eller lukka, inne eller ute, rundt folk eller aleina
“In your life, a mindfulness practice can be as simple as noticing and recognizing when you’re not in the now / the present moment, and then to gently bring your attention back to the present.”
Day 2 mindfulness
I always actually able to focus on my breathing and not so many thoughts running through my head. Anxiety felt better today.
Becoming More Comfortable
I'm becoming more comfortable with meditation and mindfulness. The process is getting easier. I love that I am starting to feel the benefits. I'm just at the beginning of my personal growth journey, and adding this app into it is definitely what I needed to keep it going.
Joel Roth
Today was better
Able to follow breathing easier, mind wandered but not as much, di this from helped, maybe
It’s a challenge to learn to focus on my breathing! I am determined to keep at it! I want to quiet my mind when I need too! Slow my racing thoughts!
I feel a little overwhelmed with my success. I feel like I am going to fail. Everything is going great in my life but in my head I can’t be truly happy because I’m waiting on the other shoe to drop!!
The Wonder & Beauty in Now
The practice of mindfulness is realizing what is happening within and around us in a curious and nonjudgmental way. Mindfulness is also a way of living, an embodiment of the present. Because our mind naturally wanders from thought to thought, it is a good idea to have an anchor to the moment, to Now. In this beautiful meditation, we use the anchor of our breath to witness how it feels to be mindful in the moment. Settling in my chair, I took in three deep breaths into my body. Knowing I was breathing in and knowing I was breathing out created a calming feeling over my body mind. From there, I used my sensory modalities to feel sensations within and around my body, such as my heart beating and the weight of my body on the chair. I heard sounds of the breath and a clock ticking time in the room I was in. I smelled the freshness in the air as I breathed. With my eyes closed, I visualized myself sitting in the chair while looking all around me. Doing this added an element of spaciousness to my experience. Being mindful, I am available to listen to my heart. Being mindful, I am available to listen to others. Being mindful, I am available to experience the wonder and beauty in Now. Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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