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How to Have the Best Year of Your Life

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Will you harness the powerful nature of desire accelerated by distinct and purposeful action steps to claim what you desire most? Will you use your positive mindset to approach your life with inspiration, gratitude, and belief based in knowing yourself best? Are you committed to continually improving yourself based on having clear intentions, and a 'visioned' ideal, together with the resilience to move forward along a path that honours your deepest desires? In this episode of life coaching WISDOM, I ask the three questions that will curate the organic ideas that will help guide you towards what you are seeking. PLUS: Discover what one question will help you follow a path that will always be right and best for who you are.
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How to have the best year
I love how we were reminded to set our intentions and to let go of things that don't help us meet them. But most importantly, to live as if we already have them
Best yoi
I really enjoyed this meditation. Sometimes I overthink so much that I forget I need to be a better me!
Questions to help find yourself
I love the questions that were suggested! Four question to help me better look inside myself to try and find what happiness means for me.
Me gusta reflexionar sobre estas cosas, detenerme un momento para hacerlo
Apreciar de esa manera mi potencial y agradecer lo positivo y bueno en mi vida todos los días.
I learned a few more ways to enjoy my life.
I learned how to feel even better and enjoy present moment while working on the planned things.
Best Year of our Lives
In this excellent life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy asks us profound questions about our personal lives. If we do the work of answering truthfully, we can and will be on our way to having the Best year of our lives! When setting goals, etc., for ourselves, Dorothy says we should always begin by asking ourselves, ‘what would make me happiest?’ or ‘what allows me to feel happiest?’ Asking ourselves this question reveals our deepest desires. This is a very powerful session and I highly recommend everyone to listen and write/answer the questions! We All Can and Will have the Best Year of our Lives! 🙏🏻❤️☮️😁
Best year of our life
I learned I must actual put myself in motion and take that next step. Actually, after listening to it, I've made my obtainable goals today and I'll take the first step by walking to the gym and working out. I'll do this after my 2 hours of yoga.
So Awesome
I had to listen to this 3 times back to back that’s how good it was for me. I love the message and believe in the message 100%. Thank you
Feeling it!
Oh boy those questions!! I will go back and listen again. Write them down...rehearse them until I can think of the answers as my truth and how I am living. To know that what I want us already me such a feeling of incredible joy and peace within. Thankyou!🥰
negative thoughts that go unnoticed create real, lasting unhappiness.
I learned that there is always a thought to be identified. I woke up feeling crappy for ‘no reason’- but there is a reason- it’s because I was having negative thoughts from the second I woke up. I loved how I was able to feel grateful and more happy when she said to live as though I already have everything I need. This morning I was stressed about money, and needing to buy furniture, and not having enough, which was enough to bring my whole mood down! But then I thought, wow, I do have everything I need, and I’m so grateful for that. I don’t need to live in survival mode anymore, in a lacking mindset, I’m not struggling, I am okay. Living in poverty before creates a very real anxiety and shame around not having enough money/food/things. But I have enough, I am enough.
👩🏻 🫀Honouring myself growing older
I’m past 30 and I see my age showing slowly. It’s not easy, and the first reaction is to turn my eyes away from my own reflection or photo. I will not do that. I will look at it deeply and with love. Here’s to honouring myself as I start to grow older. May you too love yourself deeply, despite anything you think is unloveable about your appearance.
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