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How To Deal With Negative People

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Today we're going to discuss how to keep your vibration steady in the face of negative people. When you are on the journey, not everyone will be celebrating your growth and that is okay! You may lose some family and friends as you grow, but soon the Universe will send you a whole new tribe that will resonate with the new person that you are becoming.
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Finding my way through negative people
I noticed that the way of my thinking as I have dealt with negative people my thought process was not really on point. I used to think it was all jealousy but nah it’s more about them than me. Thanks
New tribe
I love “the universe will send you your tribe”!! I’ve been so used to being by myself that I am not watching for my new tribe. good point to stay open to new people.
Dealing with negative
Powerful lesson on what to do when someone is negative. Why they do it, and how to keep on going with yourself. A new tribe is coming!
New tribe
My therapist at one time said to me Julie, as you continue down this path of healing from within some of the people in your life may not be on the same path. And, you will head into a separate direction. She was exactly right about that. Quite a few people in my old tribe were constantly complaining about what was wrong in their life which I used to be one of those victims as well. Now, I have no desire to be around that. My old tribe we grew apart, but it made an opening for new people to come into my life. Now, I have a small tribe that feeds my inner spirit which I am grateful for. During a transition phase in life it is important to stay open minded that not everyone will be on the same healing journey you are on. It is different for everyone.
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