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How to Curate Unleashed Joy

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Moments of joy are curated based on our ability - our willingness to appreciate, to have gratitude; to be present to our experience and to see the beauty in all of life, to receive the gifts of unconditional kindness and love that we give and are given. Joy is the heartfelt witnessing of what is deeply meaningful and important. All of these involve the allowing of our heart to be open - to witness - to experience what moves us so deliberately into joy. In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM, I share the path to experiencing unrelenting joy. Please join me! MUSIC: The Echelon Effect, 'Tracking Aeroplanes'
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In Gratitude
I LOVE the concept of curating unleashed joy, of not just keeping my heart open, but being on the lookout for the myriad moments that burst forth, offering joy if I’m aware. This way of being reminds me of something Mary Oliver wrote in her poem, “Mindful.” This excerpt always stays with me. Oliver writes, “Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light.”
How To Curate Joy
Give your self permission to feel joy. Allow it to happen. Cherish all the things that give YOU joy and be aware when others try to steal it.
Unleashed Joy
Wow! Dorthy delivers us an absolutely beautiful and informative Life Coaching session on how to curate unleashed joy into our lives. Dorthy begins by defining what joy is. Joy is great pleasure, thrill, excitement, laughter, appreciation, exhilaration, love, among many other things. It is the feeling we experience when our hearts are pounding so hard that it wants to explode out of our chest. Dorthy goes on to explain how happiness differs from joy. Happiness is an inept state of being. We can choose to be happy based on what thoughts we want to entertain. Joy is immensely intense, but a fleeting emotion. Furthermore, Dorthy says that we can learn to curate unleashed joy into our lives by one simple way: by Allowing ourselves to experience joy. Allowing ourselves to hold onto gratitude and appreciation for the simple things in our lives. Allowing ourselves to engage our inner child and look at things differently with child-like wonder. Allowing ourselves to engage in unconditional kindness and love not only for ourselves, but our willingness to share it with others. Allowing ourselves to be present in our fully in each moment we are given. If we truly think about it, joy is all around us! We just need to Allow it in our lives! This meditation has definitely become one of my favorites. I have downloaded it and I will listen again and again. Thank you, Dorthy for such an incredible Life Coaching session! Feeling this joy makes me want to give a shoutout to everyone in the World! May You Experience Bliss and Often! May You, My Aura Tribe Experience Bliss and Often! Namaste ☮️❤️😁🙏🏻 Now, I am going to go experience joy in my life by watching the first Seattle Seahawks football game of the 100th year of the NFL season! GO HAWKS! 😁❤️🤪
Joyful Moments
Joy is a heightened state of momentary bliss. We can curate moments of unleashed joy into our lives by one simple way which is allowing ourselves to experience joy. When our heart is full of gratitude for the simple things in life, this is where we can find moments of bliss.
The ultimate reality
Joy is something we should all pursue endlessly, so much so that joyful moments become the norm, not the exception.
I learned that it’s important to not stress about the little things, to give my best effort and intention to be present and the best person that I can be.
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