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How To Cope With Racing Thoughts

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Dr. Ryan C. Warner
Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Coach
Everyone experiences racing thoughts from time to time. Take a listen to learn about some valuable tips to help these thoughts become more manageable over time.
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Intentional thinking
I learned that I can be intentional with my thinking and by paying attention to what triggers a spiral, I can stop the spin.
Racing thoughts
I learned that identifying triggers and exploring these via journaling, exercise and 3-1-3 breathing exercises can help. I’ll try tonight before bed.
Coping With/Managing Racing Thoughts
1) Identify your triggers. 2) Practice Externalization, such as movement, exercise, talking to others about how you feel, engage in a hobby, or implement breathing techniques. 3) Daily Basis “…you will be able to control your thoughts, rather than let your thoughts control you.”
Growing 2023
This was good for me one day at a time. one thing at a time. it’s levels
Racing thoughts
I need to identify my triggers so that I can find ways to break the pattern.
Racing Thoughts
Wow!! What great information was contained in this lesson!! I’m taking several things that I am going to incorporate into my life. Thanks so much for sharing🙏🏽🩵
Bipolar Disorder
As a survivor of Bipolar disorder, I often grapple with racing thoughts, particularly during manic episodes. Amidst a surge of new ideas and desires, focusing becomes a challenge. In my efforts to cope, I diligently jot down my thoughts in a daily journal and catalog my ideas in notes. Additionally, I've committed to stepping outside whenever I feel overwhelmed, and during high-energy moments, I engage in simple exercises like walking. I aspire to cultivate these habits as coping mechanisms for my mental health, opting for self-reliance instead of consistently burdening close friends or an intimate partner with the same recurring issues, understanding they may not always have the time for me.