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How To Change, Accept Or Let Go

9 Min
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Chris McDonald
Licensed Therapist, Yogi and Podcaster
In this talk, you will learn how your thoughts impact how you feel and what you do. I discuss thought-provoking questions to help you challenge unhelpful thinking and find ways to rethink a difficult situation in your life by exploring how you can change, accept or let go.
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3 reflections
The concept to accept…it is what it is..and learning to adapt. Listening made me still anxious because some of the things said. Had to calm myself down in a sense. Things didn’t use to effect me like this.
July 29, 2023 - The End and the Beginning
I'm feeling anxious, wanting to get to the bottom of all my issues but calm knowing that I am in full control of how I react respond and think about everything going on right now
I was frantically trying to find the right understanding and answer to what I was struggling with. I initially felt I was flipping through a huge encyclopedia to better understand what in the world was going on. All I had to hear was “what we resist, persists” gave me all the insight I needed to relax and keep on keeping on! Many thanks!