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How To Build A Habit Of Daily Prayer

22 Min
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Tudor Alexander
Follower of Jesus Christ
In this track, I discuss a few things that I've learned about taking regular prayer breaks, how to approach prayer with the right mindset and when are some good times to pray throughout your day.
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Prayer is about connecting to GOD. The common idea that we must pray to manifest is a broken idea built to confuse the truth. GOD’s will is unbending and through our hardships we must keep the Lord’s will centered and embraced in our hearts. I make a choice with intention to be habitual about gratitude. I condition my gratitude with scripture. I learning to live with humility and faith by my side which always leads me to GOD. Thank you Father for your grace and may we all know your love.
I love the idea of gratitude for the things in my life. Praying, or even just thanking God for giving me a comfortable life makes sense on a daily basis.