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How to Be 'Self Woke'

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
In order to really accelerate our self-growth journey, maximize our potential, minimize our flaws and experience true radical self-acceptance, we need to get what I call, 'self-woke.' This recording helps you learn how.
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Waking Up
In order for us to maximize our potential, we need to be self aware or what Shelley calls self woke. In this amazing life coaching session, we find out how to be self woke. Because our insecurities drive us to notice our mistakes, flaws and overcompensations, it takes an awful lot of courage to go within ourselves and take a good look around. Because of this, we find it much easier to find blame in others when things don’t go our way. Looking outwardly for all of our misfortunes, we give away our power and as a result, we don’t evolve. To wake up, we need to be aware of our thoughts, judgments, excuses and triggers along with our talents and strengths. We can do this by taking periodically pauses throughout our day. A wonderful tool we can use to pause is meditation, as it separates our thoughts. Digging deep, Shelley suggests we find out why we have negative or judgmental thoughts about ourselves and others. As she says, we are often judgmental towards others because we are reminded of our own insecurities. So, we need to be honest with and to ourselves. Being honest with ourselves, we can find compassion for ourselves and within that, love for ourselves. Being honest with ourselves, we can find self acceptance and within that, embrace where we are right now in our lives. P.S. Because of societal pressures, it can be very difficult to accept and embrace where we are right now. To help us with this, I heard a mantra not long ago by Jay Shetty that goes like this: I am not behind. I am not ahead. I am exactly where I am meant to be. Every time I find myself thinking I should be ‘more’ of something by now or the pressures are getting too great, I find myself repeating this mantra. Immediately feeling acceptance and a softening in my heart, I no longer feel flustered and because of that, I can begin again. May it help you along your self-growth journey too. Waking up, we can and will become the change we wish to see in the world! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
How to Be ‘Self Woke’
The bank account analogy was my favorite part of this meditation - if you want to have twice as much in your bank account as you do now, you have to look, but you won’t look, because you’re scared there’s less. Taking stock of your potential for growth and personality is the same. If you don’t honestly look at it, you will not succeed in growing.