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How to Act with Courage and Be Bold

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We don't need to be courageous all day, every day. But in times when it really counts, we need to learn how to act with courage. The good news is that it's a lot more simple than you might think!
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I need to listen to my innermost feelings
Quiet my mind and listen to my feelings. It’s very important to have positive self talk
Be bold...
If i acted on my natural, internal instincts., I would never experience the delight in celebrating my courage; which in retrospect, I have had to be courageous on a daily basis. I’m grateful for beginning to realize how dangerous and fearful my life was, and the tremendous courage it took a life girl to have....
20 seconds of courage
One of my favorite meditations to be brave. It only takes 20 seconds now !
I just found out I don’t have to be courageous all day, don’t have to be on guard all the time. That makes me more relaxed :)
Well, that was quick
An awful lot of great information, spoken very quickly, in the span of 6 minutes. This information would be better absorbed if in written form. 🙏
Just 20 seconds
This was a discovery... When I look at one problem or difficult situation and feel afraid it’s always like “I’ll gonna die”. It’s always like I should have to push a hole World through the hole life. But, it isn’t. It’s just for 20 seconds.
Be Bold
I learned a handy little acronym that I can use throughout my day when I encounter difficult situations That require a little courage. You know, the ones where you hesitate a bit before making a commitment
Be Bold
This totally resonated with me, will definitely be using this acronym. So many times I let fear hold me back.
Act With Courage
Courage only takes about 10-20 seconds. The acronym Be Bold will help you to be courageous when faced with a new opportunity or challenge in your life. B- Battle- Feeling afraid but also excited about the opportunity. E- Exhale- Disengage fear response by taking a few deep breaths. B-Beliefs- Question the beliefs that are holding you back. O- Opening- Opening up to your body by putting your shoulders back sends a message to the body that we can handle the situation. L-Leap- Take the leap and go for it. D-Delight in your courage. Celebrate the moments in your life when you are courageous.
Anxiety for skiing
This may sound crazy but whenever I am planning to go skiing It is like I start feeling or getting sick. I have anxiety about ending up on a treacherous run or in middle of moguls which I have never learned to ski. When I ski, I usually have a great time and end up on a real high. It doesn't stop me from signing up or going but I wish I could replace the anxiety with excitement. Or maybe it is excitement but I am suppressing it? Could be something to do with being over 50 as well lol. I fo not repair as quickly as I used to.
I learnt what I truly want for myself and what I desire. Opened up for more clarity.
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