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How Stories Become An Inspiration

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The stories that you tell reflect how you think. What you tell yourself, you believe. "The stories you tell reflect the way in which you think; and how you make sense of what happens.  The challenge is to tell the stories that convey what is true; and to keep your mind and heart open to each experience and what it has the potential of teaching you." - dorothy ratusny p.s. There is a lot to take in here, and in each episode of CBT 'Best Practices'. I encourage you to take notes so that each audio becomes a mini therapeutic session of best practices that provides the guidance, wisdom, and love that you need! Well done!! Please join me for more CBT 'Best Practices' here! Namaste!
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5 reflections
Stories We Tell
I realize that the negative undertones I add to my life’s story, if unconsciously effecting my happiness.
Thank you
I feel so blessed that I can do these sessions that help me grow evolve and heal, reflect and get closer to who I really am and what I was meant to be and being to this world. Thank you to all the great teachers and people who inspire me on this path. This is big emotion.
A higher vantage point
I learned that the stories we tell ourselves are powerful. They can dictate our thoughts, words, actions. Our past does help shape us but does not define us. We can change the narrative we tell ourselves and therefore change the narrative we tell others. Words are powerful. They should be used wisely. We all make mistakes with our words, what’s important is that we learn from those mistakes so that we can be molded into a better, more loving, productive human being.
Paul Rienguette
Still so much to learn
I hear and understand the words of this session. I need guidance and practice to change my narrative. I am strong and I am capable. With a little assistance and guidance I can overcome
I want to continue to focus on the positives in my life stories and of the resulting virtues and lessons.