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Rewrite The Stories Of Your Mind

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The stories that you tell reflect how you think. What you tell yourself, you believe. "The stories you tell reflect the way in which you think; and how you make sense of what happens. The challenge is to tell the stories that convey what is true; and to keep your mind and heart open to each experience and what it has the potential of teaching you." - dorothy ratusny p.s. There is a lot to take in here, and in each episode of CBT 'Best Practices'. I encourage you to take notes so that each audio becomes a mini therapeutic session of best practices that provides the guidance, wisdom, and love that you need! Well done!! Please join me for more CBT 'Best Practices' here! Namaste!
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Stories we tell ourselves
I was and am aware that our words become our thoughts, our thoughts become our actions. Yet, I could not control my thoughts because of the stories I tell myself… they reflect what I believe, of myself and others. This session helped me find the tools to assess the truth in my perceptions, to let go of the stories that do not serve me and to practice processing them as experiences not indictments. I will listen to this often to become competent in telling my story to myself with gratitude. 🙏
Rewrite the Stories of Your Life
As usual Dorothea, you have spoken to my heart. I had a love deprived youth & an abusive 40 year marriage. I am still stuck in the past & often blame the other parties for my mental issues. Thank you for opening a new way of looking at my past & with help moving toward a better more joyful life.♥️
Rewrite the Stories of Your Life
This was a very inspiring reflection of how our thoughts and perceptions affect how we think and feel. Through many years of hurt, boundary violations, anger, and resentment have combined to work against me. They turn our minds, thoughts, and hearts to a place of harm instead of healing ❤️‍🩹. I also plan to listen to this story again and again to begin retraining my mind to the positive and my wellbeing. A great introduction to CBT. Thank you Dorothy 🙏
Story land
Truth reality kindness observing judging diminishing generalizing recycling a stuck past spinning hurt and victimhood … Lots to consider in this talk/ session. Even my listening in this twenty-three minutes becomes a story. Did I get it right? (That is definitely old story)
This touched deeply
I needed to hear this today as I heal and learned much to help me start to change the stories in my head. Thank you Dorothy thank You 🙏🏾
Rewriting my stories
I have done this for quite some time. It has brought me great peace. For example, remembering and sometimes telling a story about my Mom. I choose to remember all the good things she did for me. Rather than negatives. So when she died recently, I believe I dealt with it much better than I would have. For years I've always preferred the word survivor to victim in any instance. Or perhaps neither. I feel happy when I remember all she did for me and the funny stories. I often wondered, am I just being in denial or is this healthy? You just answered that for me. The way you help myself and everyone is such a joy. So unselfish and giving. Thank you, Dorothy.
Rewrite your thoughts
We all remember events through our inbuilt filters and we can remember these stories in a negative light based on our life experiences and pre set filters of life, this can have a negative outcome when we repeat these stories and recall our memories of the events putting our slant onto the story, these negative stories then provide us with a negative re enforcement of the events and provides us with a new negative filter that we view the world through, by changing our story and retelling our life’s events in a positive frame we can change our stories and our world view and look for the positive lessons that life provides
My second or third listening deepens
A neutral telling of the story may speak truth and afford a rightening of the events - thought emotion behavior - I could unlock a story of say loss by looking at abandonment, sadness and being physically frozen or stunned - he didn’t want to be married anymore - we grew apart - it is sad and I am calm and feel whole in myself. I could protect and care for what I loved even as a relationship was breaking up. Family friends endeavors passions go on. A tapestry can have loss, does have loss, will have loss. I continue I breathe I can wonder - lots to journal
Kinda Shocking...
i'm the kind of person who RARELY shares her story, if at all... and even when i do share my story, i share the lightest possible version of it.. never thought i SHOULD be telling my story, fully.. this might be a great encouragement.. thank you
I have listened. I must put it into practice. These are very good points. I’m happy to have come a tried this.
Rewrite the stories
Wow! I loved this. Such a great information contained in this lesson. I love that even traumatic/bad things have lessons for us. I am certainly going to be implementing some of the tips Dorothy gave. Thank you for this 🙏🏽🩵
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