The Storm
I was stuck in a travel trailer during a mega storm containing tornadoes hidden inside a wall of rain and wind. We had no warning to be able to get to a safe place. I am responsible for the safety of the people in the campground, but with no warning, had to hunker down and hope for the best with trees flying around and hitting the trailer. My Mom was in the next site over and I couldn’t get to her to help her. It was the most terrified I have ever been and I just can’t come to terms with it. I feel like it crushed my spirit somehow and I’m having trouble getting it back. I am a strong woman and have dealt with many things in my 58 years in this world. I can’t quite believe the effect this has had on me. I’m not shaken easily. I can remember a time where I held on to a person’s wrists after he slashed them and waited for the ambulance to arrive. That didn’t affect me like this did. Maybe it’s the sense of being completely vulnerable and helpless while the storm raged all around me? I don’t have an answer. I thought by watching footage to figure out why we had no warning would help, but it didn’t. It was a storm that gathered other storms above the lake and grew to a mega storm with tornadoes hidden inside it. It surprised everyone - even the professionals who watch storms for a living. It could have been so much worse and I’m fine physically, but am not in a good mental state. I am always a happy person who never gets rattled and always tries to help others. I need to try to come to terms with what happened and get myself back. I am missing me🥲.