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Relationships: Essential to Health

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
It's easy to forget one incredibly essential aspect of good health: positive relationships. Learn how they affect your wellness and how to get more out of your relationships!
From the community
11 reflections
I learned that I should become more social and talk more, not just within my group of friends, but with others as well. Live in the moment and do not dwell on the past.
Choppy Audio?
Although I did learn how to create positive relationships, I did notice that the audio was cut off at points. Despite that, this life counseling session was relatively productive.
i learned to talk to more people even if i don't have the best past with them
Family, friends & coworkers do make or break u
I have the worlds best support system from my family down to coworkers. Ive always been so fortunate in dept and cannot over stress how helpful and rewarding it has been. Relationships are work esp with our mothers,ladies but it really is worth it.
Sheena Marie
Living a not so good way.
I’m too isolated. I’m introverted and moved to a new city two and a half years ago and really haven’t made many positive relationships here. Top it off with not being close to my family and I really don’t have many at all. I built a support system back home with awesome positive relationships but long distance it’s hard for everyone to keep touch. Everyone has their own lives that they are living. I am deeply feeling the effects of not having positive relationships here right now. I need to go find them.
First session
Well I didn’t get feeling better. I think it’s because the session was way too short. But I’ll keep trying it and see if this app gets better
I feel like I have good relationships with my family, friends, and significant other, they all support me in the decisions I make, and they are all good for me.
Positive Relationships
I need to get out there and start putting time and effort into positive healthy relationships. I have been solely focused on things like mindfulness, self-care, etc.... While that is good, and I am still working on those things I need to make sure to interact with people in healthy supporting relationships.
Positive Relationships
This reinforced all that I am and need in being a needed part of community and my roots as a tribe member. Also the supreme importance of a loving giving relationship with my husband
First session
Staying in unhealthy relationships is something I’ve worked to overcome for awhile, hearing that my issues with rejection don’t only have to do with myself gives me more hope that I can rationalize my feelings in the moment.
The right choice
I learned that what I did today was the right choice. Ree wasn’t going to help me in anyway. If anything she would’ve hurt me like Mercedes did.
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