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Relationships: Essential to Health

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
It's easy to forget one incredibly essential aspect of good health: positive relationships. Learn how they affect your wellness and how to get more out of your relationships!
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49 reflections
I learned that I should become more social and talk more, not just within my group of friends, but with others as well. Live in the moment and do not dwell on the past.
Choppy Audio?
Although I did learn how to create positive relationships, I did notice that the audio was cut off at points. Despite that, this life counseling session was relatively productive.
i learned to talk to more people even if i don't have the best past with them
Family, friends & coworkers do make or break u
I have the worlds best support system from my family down to coworkers. Ive always been so fortunate in dept and cannot over stress how helpful and rewarding it has been. Relationships are work esp with our mothers,ladies but it really is worth it.
Sheena Marie
Living a not so good way.
I’m too isolated. I’m introverted and moved to a new city two and a half years ago and really haven’t made many positive relationships here. Top it off with not being close to my family and I really don’t have many at all. I built a support system back home with awesome positive relationships but long distance it’s hard for everyone to keep touch. Everyone has their own lives that they are living. I am deeply feeling the effects of not having positive relationships here right now. I need to go find them.
First session
Well I didn’t get feeling better. I think it’s because the session was way too short. But I’ll keep trying it and see if this app gets better
I feel like I have good relationships with my family, friends, and significant other, they all support me in the decisions I make, and they are all good for me.
Positive Relationships
I need to get out there and start putting time and effort into positive healthy relationships. I have been solely focused on things like mindfulness, self-care, etc.... While that is good, and I am still working on those things I need to make sure to interact with people in healthy supporting relationships.
Positive Relationships
This reinforced all that I am and need in being a needed part of community and my roots as a tribe member. Also the supreme importance of a loving giving relationship with my husband
First session
Staying in unhealthy relationships is something I’ve worked to overcome for awhile, hearing that my issues with rejection don’t only have to do with myself gives me more hope that I can rationalize my feelings in the moment.
The right choice
I learned that what I did today was the right choice. Ree wasn’t going to help me in anyway. If anything she would’ve hurt me like Mercedes did.
The right choice
I learned that I made the right choice. Ree was only going to hurt me more and more.
Healthy Relationships
I learned how positive relationships are essential to our health and well being. I did not realize how many important health benefits there are in regards to socializing and maintaining healthy relationships. Over the years I have worked on eliminating some people out of my life that were energy vampires.
Those who matter
This was really needed because I need it reinforced into my mind that the negative relationship I had with my family does not need to be in my life. Especially yesterday, since my mother showed up out of nowhere (she lives in a different state then we do) at our grocery store. But instead of freaking out and hyperventilating in front of her, like I usually would, I focused on the fact that I am safe in the relationship with my husband and that nothing she does matters in the end( I even envisioned myself as the mountain from the mountain lecture on Aura and it worked). My problem now is continuing this mindset at home because as soon as we got home from the store I started to freak out to the point of crying. This I feel is the thing I need to help continue a mindset of feeling safe in the present moment and relationship I’m in now and that I don’t need the relationship with my mother.
I felt interested in this topic.
I know that this is an area I really need to work on. I always thought that when having a conversation you go back and forth sharing experiences and showing or telling how you relate and understand to what the other person is feeling.
I felt relief
I learned that positive relationships are great for yoojr heath.
Does he really care?
After I’ve heard this. I really started to think. Does he even care? He is ignoring me. He is not there for me anymore. I feel like I’ve disappeared from his life. I still really like him. But should I stop? Should I stop trying and should I stop acting like he is caring for me? Because I don’t think he is anymore :(
How positive relationships are essential for your health.
I found this a very stimulating piece of coaching. Over many years I’ve followed the advice of many clinicians to maintain my health but, on listening to this, I realised that hardly ever has the advice dealt with the benefits of maintaining healthy relationships. Even trained councillors have focused on the individual and not on the social individual who has to manage our relationships. Obviously some require more work than others, but being mindful of trying to establish positive relationships wherever possible is work the effort as evidenced by the benefits we gain. This may well require a change of mindset but I’m determined to do what is needed for this to happen.
Healthy relationships
Struggling with this one so much lately. I’m working as hard as I can. I’m proud of my progress. I have an end goal in mind to keep my marriage. But I now allow myself the ability to say “if it doesn’t work out, I’m still proud of you. You are truly giving it your all.” I have never been more proud of myself, but I have also never been so low.
Positive support system is an essential element to our well-being. Listening to and speaking with kind individuals is healthy for everyone. Really appreciate and dedicate time to build healthy, happy relationships. Unhealthy relationships and abuse are damaging and waste of time/effort.
Last year was about overcoming me. Overcoming the ability to leave a toxic situation and live life for me. This meditation/talk was so encouraging and made me remember why I left in the first place.
Beginning of the end
I learned that I don’t love cole. I love the idea of him or I love who he used to be. Every time there is a list of things a lover does that shows da bad relationship, he ticks all those boxes. I caught him in his lie about not still dating the other girl. All day. Plus he couldn’t hit me so I guess I’ll just go to bed sick.
healthy relationships
i learned that i need to put in as much as i want to get out of my relationships. i deserve to have people who love me and i need to give them that love as well and be completely present when i am with those people.
This reminded me I failed at having personal relationships. I’ve been a workaholic my whole life and have had many work friends. Yet, I have also worked myself to death, quite literally. When I became ill, they simply fired me for lack of performance after over 20 years of service. Now, I am quickly or slowly dying (depends on how you look at it) and have no friends or very few that is. I spend most of my time with my dog who is a loving cattle dog. My child (nearing 30) doesn’t want to see, know, understand or believe that I’m dying so she doesn’t come by to visit (I live ONE mike away) and now repays her expense due me monthly via PayPal! I have to build up energy to go see my grandchildren and child. The same is true of my sister. So, that is what I do when I can~ I get out and go see them and love them where they are. And while out I do try to be kind, considerate, and compassionate to all that I meet as I don’t know what burdens they are carrying. Some are heavier than my own. So I want to be POSITIVE to all, my family, my friends, the acquaintances I meet. Never know, could be an Angel of the Almighty I’m talking with at times. 🤗
I now feel miserable!
Valentine’s Day and I was alone and depressed. Listening to this about healthy relationships made me feel more depressed and miserable!
Facial tension
I have jittery nerves In my face, I shake, long last night at work, sore 2-19-19
Every positive action I choose to embark on begins with a positive thought
my existence
I learned that I don't really matter, my existence is pointless. feelings suck and true love doesn't exist
I noticed that I need to put myself more out there/ socialize instead of being lonely causing myself to shut down.
Noticed that I’ve been preferring to be distant lately but that needs to change. I need to drop all forms of negativity and start new positive fresh relationships!
This made me realize that some of my relationships aren’t healthy, and instead of ignoring them I should fix it
My Tribe.
I love the term “tribe”. It’s been a long journey to find my true ”tribe”. Women who help me understand and accept me for my true self. And I do the same for them. Great stuff. ❤️
Socializing mindfulness
I never thought of socializing as being able to be mindful and present. Makes sense tho
Reality described....
...these 3' of session were long enough to describe some real circumstances impacting happiness. Thanks 🙏🕉
Positive Relationships
We are social creatures. Positive relationships are essential to our health and well being. People who have positive emotional support recover more quickly from illness, less likely to fall ill to acute and chronic illnesses, and is stress relief. Socializing is really good for our brain. It is important to spend quality time with friends, family, or a loved one to reap all the benefits of socializing. Quality time is actually doing something together without distractions like social media, playing on your phone, or watching tv. When I get together with my friends or my husband and I spend quality time together, there are no distractions. I appreciate having that one on one time with them to where both of us are fully present.
I learned that I have to let the stress go even if it means something I love
A better lifestyle
It's good to check up on your health, but remember that there are other factors that contribute to some aspects of it. For example, if you're surrounded by toxic people, this could aggravate any health condition you may have or even wear you down, whereas positive relationships would make you more aware of living in the now and be more sociable. Be open for change, and see how you bloom.
It doesn’t matter to be alone sometimes. I personally like that. But its also important to have someone around that you can truly trust.
Life’s lesson
I learnt that it’s not about the quantity of relationships but rather the quality of them. A fulfilling relationship contributes to improving health and happiness. Being able to experience a memory rather than capture a still image will raise the opportunity to converse and story-tell. Building connections and opening all the doors to access true happiness, until you can’t question yourself no more! Knowledge is power. Change is growth and growth is change.
Positive relationships
This was something I felt today when my granddaughter came over and spent the afternoon with me. So much isolation with this virus, I’ve only had brief driveway visits with the greatgrands, certainly better than FaceTime, but lacking the close emotional time you get with hugs and play!! It was a beautiful Mother’s Day with that visit and the lovely video my daughter sent with pictures from her childhood and kind words!
It’s so important to remember to take a moment and truly be present with those around you. It’s hard sometimes to be present in such a busy life. However with these particular circumstances of quarantine it makes you realize how much you appreciate those people in your daily life who encourage and share in your successes and failures. Being truly present is something I am working on and focusing on more.
Session for me
Liked this one. A lot. Very geared towards me. The person I’m with now is very much the healthy and positive relationship I need. I do have some friends now that I’m not sure if they are the right relationships I need. I’m working through that the best I can.
Noticed aware wanting a relationship again
Healthy relationship are good for you and just getting into one is not good as I know this already
I learned that i may have to make decisions to keep healthy realationships to stay happy
I felt that it may be ok to find relationships that are right for me so I can be the best me possible
Social Interaction
I learned it is essential to my life to have physical interaction-a hug, a massage, making love with my husband. This is all great for both of us!!
Close bonds are so important
I learned that the relationships we share with people are so important to my health. This encourages me to reach out more and become a dependable friend to others as well. Great listen.
The importance of touch. Striking up a conversation with strangers also provide that feel good feeling. Maybe some type of club or activity with similar interests would be a good thing!
jess 🧡
i never really thought about how important relationships are for a healthy lifestyle. having support and people to rely on really is needed to grow in our lives
The connection between
Heathy relationships amount to healthy lifestyles. So basic and direct.