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How Owning Less Stuff Means More Happiness

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Shelley Barker
Health and Life Coach for Maximizing Happiness
My parent's house burned to the ground last Novembere. It was a tragedy. And an amazing learning opportunity on how having too much stuff weighs us down, and how buying, and keeping less stuff means more happiness. 
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Love this
I didn’t loose my belongings in a fire, but I have lost everything nonetheless and I don’t miss any of it. I live near where the Wolsey fire and many others have occurred and I know some people who lost everything became homeless because they didn’t have the financial resources to rebuild. I wonder how they are doing?
This was very very interestkng. It got me thinking of some of the many things I have that I simply do not need. It reminded me to Be. Grateful. For. Everything. Right. Now. 🌱🔜🌳🌎💪🙂
Decluttering is happy
I’m in college and I live with my dad who’s going through a divorce, and I can say decluttering our house of objects we never use has been so therapeutic!
Less stuff
While we (my family) have definitely bought less over the past 10 years there is still the overwhelming thought to hold onto the old things because "someone might be able to use it later" like mismatched dishes, pots and pans, etc. I hate the thought of it going into a land fill and it is hard to find a place that will actually get these things to those who need them
I realized after listening to this I have WAY too much stuff. I look around at piles of stuff and think wish a big vacuum cleaner would suck it all away. My home looks terrible!
I look around at all the stuff we’ve collected and I wish I could just have it gone. All that money wasted. I still need to deal with it soon. ☹️