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How Our Core Beliefs Impact Our Love Life

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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
We're going cognitively deep here. Moving through our surface-level thoughts to our core beliefs.
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5 reflections
Core beliefs
Some feelings of worthlessness, when I have an opinion it feels that people often dismiss or reject them
What’s my core belief about likeability
I learned that my social anxiety is rooted in my core beliefs of being unliked or judged for being awkward and weird.
Core beliefs
I wasn’t really loved as a child so I compensate by loving harder and more quickly as an adult. I hold on tightly. More then I probably should. My love is more like a train traveling at high speed, when it hits you it’s like a train hitting you. So the person feels overwhelmed by it. For me love is Almost like a need not a choice. I love hard and I am loyal to the core.
Learning... NEVER ends!
how much i needed to learn about core beliefs and/or automatic thoughts!
Core beliefs
I’m seeing that even after decades of self work the original core belief of not being good enough is still activated on occasion. Time to be kind to myself.