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How Our Core Beliefs Impact Our Love Life

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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
We're going cognitively deep here. Moving through our surface-level thoughts to our core beliefs.
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Core beliefs
Some feelings of worthlessness, when I have an opinion it feels that people often dismiss or reject them
What’s my core belief about likeability
I learned that my social anxiety is rooted in my core beliefs of being unliked or judged for being awkward and weird.
Core beliefs
I wasn’t really loved as a child so I compensate by loving harder and more quickly as an adult. I hold on tightly. More then I probably should. My love is more like a train traveling at high speed, when it hits you it’s like a train hitting you. So the person feels overwhelmed by it. For me love is Almost like a need not a choice. I love hard and I am loyal to the core.
Learning... NEVER ends!
how much i needed to learn about core beliefs and/or automatic thoughts!