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How Life Mirrors Your Inner Existence (Full Episode - 15 Min)

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Life can become a series of moments that we live in search of what will 'make' us feel good (aka 'happy', 'joyful', 'alive') rather than living life as a series of moments that we easily enjoy (and relish) because we are living connected to our inner happiness - which is always present - always accessible - always a part of us. 'Happiness is Your Inherent State' The next time that you find yourself 'in search of' something because of how you want to feel, consider that life mirrors existence. That "something" that you have convinced yourself you need - becomes an even better experience because of your current state of being. Life that is lived with appreciation and 'thanks'; with gratitude - fuels abundance and joy. Let this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM inspire you to live your life full on; playful with the knowledge that what you think about and imagine become the outer reality you live. Namaste! xo
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Looking Inward
Life unfolds in what you are thinking and imagining in all moments. There is a challenge to remaining open to new experiences. Opening to love is how you set in place the eternal messages of your heart inspiring every waking moment. When we look inward we are able to find the answer to what we truly want in our life. Allow for the greatest reveal in how you love and live. Connecting to our inner happiness is always accessible to us. When we live a life filled with gratitude and appreciation it gives us a feeling of abundance and joy. Happiness is our inherent state. We move ourselves out of this state by our thoughts we hold onto. Whatever our thought are become our reality. Our thoughts limit us. When we have a firm belief in what we want in our life with begins to unfold as this. We live an authentic life with no regrets. Great life coaching session reminding us that when we connect to our inner happiness which is always a part of us we live life as a series of moments we enjoy and relish.
I let go of
whatever weighs me down and give it all back to the universe. I allow me to return to Who I know I rightfully am
Lots of good information in this meditation. I would need to listen to this again, maybe even a few more times. Great question that I know the answers are within me.
As children, we believed wholeheartedly that we could become anything. Somewhere along our journey in life, we allowed beliefs, held deep within our subconscious and the associated thoughts, to limit us in our capabilities. In this profound life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy how life mirrors our inner existence and then gives us ways to manifest the life that we truly desire and deserve. In all moments, we are co-creating our reality by what we are thinking and imagining. Put another way, what we think about, we bring about. If we are having thoughts of doubt, then our reality will be filled with those experiences that display doubt. However, if we are having thoughts of conviction, our reality will be filled with those experiences that reflect conviction. Life mirrors our inner existence. As Henry Ford says, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Happiness is our innate state of being. When we realize this, we know that it is not external factors that ‘make’ us happy. We may search for things that increase our happiness, such as eating our favorite foods or doing our favorite pastime, but we know they aren’t in control of our happiness. This is the first step in living our authentic power. The second step in living our authentic power is learning how to access our inner happiness. Dorothy says living a life in appreciation and thanks in gratitude is the fastest way to accessing our inner happiness. I have to agree with her. Ever since I decided to live in appreciation and incorporate a gratitude practice into my life, I haven’t just felt much more happier, my life has mirrored that happiness by opening up new possibilities, new opportunities, that I had never dreamed would have happened! Everyone of us is worthy to live a life that we most desire, but it takes every one of us to Believe that! Therefore, we must be conscious of our thoughts. Are they beneficial or detrimental to our well-being? Either way, our life is in our hands.
My internal world & COVID
I am not sure that this fully applies to these times: my mind can go wondering doing so many fun social activities, meeting my friends, challenging myself and my strength through new sports activities, such as some dances I'm interested in. But in times of covid I am not sure I can make it real...
Inner desire
I learnt that by focusing on what I want and what I want to feel is already inside me to access. My thoughts are what gets in the way of what I truly desire. Even in these challenging times with covid, peace and love moment by moment will get me through each day.💞
I felt the power of possibilities from this meditation
I learned that I need to look inside and be almost child like in wonder and awe of dreams. I felt very jaded with covid and adulting.
I sincerely needed to hear this today. EYE OPENER!! Thank you for sharing ❤️
I’m Pretty much living my daily life the same exact way that I am feeling. I was in a dark head space, and couldn’t get out fast enough. This helped me realize how important self care, self encouragement, and self acceptance are. I needed to be reminded!
You’re one of my favorite coaches. Your wisdom, your voice, and the advice…it hits home every time, and you never fail to help me understand the emotions I can never move beyond the abstract.
Gratitude for this amazing amazing human helping me to better understand myself in ways I could never have done on my own. In many ways, she’s provided light-speed self-understanding beyond most therapists I have ever had. Thank you so much.
Finding happiness from within in the present
The session really grounded me today and brought me comfort as well as homework!
Finding happiness from within in the present
The session really grounded me today and brought me comfort as well as homework!
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