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How Life Mirrors Your Inner Existence

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Life can become a series of moments that we live in search of what will 'make' us feel good (aka 'happy', 'joyful', 'alive') rather than living life as a series of moments that we easily enjoy (and relish) because we are living connected to our inner happiness - which is always present - always accessible - always a part of us.  'Happiness is Your Inherent State' The next time that you find yourself 'in search of' something because of how you want to feel, consider that life mirrors existence.  That "something" that you have convinced yourself you need - becomes an even better experience because of your current state of being.  Life that is lived with appreciation and 'thanks'; with gratitude - fuels abundance and joy. Let this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM inspire you to live your life full on; playful with the knowledge that what you think about and imagine become the outer reality you live.  Namaste! xo
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We all want to be happy. We often look for something outside of ourselves that will make us happy, such as reading our favorite book, enjoying our favorite meal, online shopping, or a walk out in nature. While searching for external factors to make us happy is not a wrong thing to do, Dorothy explains how we can enjoy all of the experiences that make us happy so much more if we are Already content. We live our life fully in the present moment. We live life with an open and loving heart. We do not create unnecessary suffering by thinking of the past, giving ourselves negative self-talk or trying to control what is indeed, out of our control. In regards to our thoughts, we can Choose what we want to focus on. We can focus on the negative or we can focus on the positive. Realizing that happiness is all of our inherent state’s of being, we can all Learn how to live in this joyous state of being. Indeed, life mirrors our inner existence. We all have the Choice to live a life full of appreciation and thanks with gratitude. If we Choose to live our lives this way, our lives will be enriched by abundance and joy! After all, seek out the good and you shall find the good! Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻
How Life Mirrors Your Inside
Your happiness begins inside and flows out. Happy does not come from external things but is a place in your heart. Sit there and be
Authenticity in being
I love Dorothy! Her voice soothes and her words fill all the cracks and gaps I find in myself...Thankyou! 🙏🙏🙏
Where have I gone?
I use to be that joyful mother who loved adventures with my children. I realized in that moment of listening, I lost myself to the busy life and need to return to the mother, I once was.
Constantly thinking and choosing happiness
I need to carve out moments of my happiness journey to enjoy whether alone or with others. I’m focused on the what but not the now. I also am constantly trying to make others happy and/or influence their happiness. I want to do this more for myself.
Too much talking not enough thinking
There seemed to be too much talking in this meditation, and not enough time for thinking between some quite deep and meaningful phrases.
Rest more sink into My body and heart more each day. Breath is healing.
A good reminder to…
appreciate and enjoy the small things/moments in everyday life.
Do what brings you happiness
Look for things that bring you joy both big and small. Seeing a cute dog on my run, having a yummy snack, etc.
I’m finding trouble in finding my happiness apart from my wife and my current health
Life Mirrors Your Inner Existence
As you feel joy, it exudes from you. I need to take time each day and put myself first, enjoy more time outdoors.
Berit Roos
I am going to start feeling happy inside🥳 Because this is where I find happened!
Happiness from our internal is always accessible, yet we search for outside moments. I will creat internal happiness.
Life to be
I learned that happiness is our inherent state. I want to accept the choice of happiness through my life.
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