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How Do You Want to Feel?

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Feelings are the conscious experience of your emotional reaction. Your feelings arise out of what you think. Your feelings are incredibly powerful and it can seem at times, as though they overtake or control you. Here we discuss the relationship between your thoughts and feelings, and I share helpful cues for how to best understand why you feel the way you do; and how to change how you feel. p.s. There is a lot to take in, in each of these episodes of CBT 'Best Practices', including takeaway strategies and tools that you can immediately apply in your life! Listen with a way to take notes so that you can turn each episode into the change that you seek in your life!
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12 reflections
Always learning
I’m feeling better knowing I have some control over my life Thank you for the wonderful message
I am the master of my thoughts
I can control what I think about so I can also feel better and behave more positively towards people & situations.
Master of My Thoughts
I create my reality with my thoughts. I am mind l of how I am feeling, what I am thinking, and my intentions.
My thoughts
I learned that my thoughts are repative. I have similar thoughts throughout the day. It’s not interesting or exciting.
I learned that we have chosen our obstacles for our growth and experience. There wasn’t a villain that screwed us. We chose to manifest the experience. I also may have a narcissistic trait or two making Chris be a slave to what I want and isolating him. I wonder if he’s been unhappy.
Thoughts, feelings, behaviors
I spend a lot of time focusing on my behavior and how I feel but haven’t done as much exploration in the thought process. Even Kyle noticed, my slew is VERY negative and it’s exhausting for me and frankly, people who care about me. I don’t want to be “fake” but I also don’t have to choose the worst way of looking at things. Today, I’m making a conscious effort to interrupted negative thoughts and replace them with positive perspective. Then let’s see what that does for my feelings and eventually my behavior
Thoughts feelings and action allare intertwined. An unpleasant thought can create an emtion of fear sadness worry anger or pretense. JinShinJyutsu states the same as CBT . If i want to improve my
Health I need to balance my emotions by reducing negative thoughts.
I realize that my thoughts are controlled by underlying core beliefs . These core beliefs quite frequently the results of childhood experiences. There is much of my past life that I need to radically accept before I can make permanent changes that stick and those childhood feelings of not being good enough need questioning.
Our thoughts effect not only ourselves, but the beings and environment around us.
I feel..
I feel angry. Sleepy. Suffocated. But I want to replace it to feeling good. I miss him but not so much. I don’t care even he doesn’t miss me back. That’s how I feel. I hope tomorrow will be a better day with hope and inspiration.
I fee suicidal today. I have taken my meds, meditate, but its not helping. I’m stuck.
Working to feel better
I want my thoughts to improve so that I can be a better wife, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, niece and motivate myself to work harder for myself and those for I care about, people are counting on me and routing for me. Now all I need to do is have that same faith in myself.