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How Do You Want to Feel? 🌟

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Dorothy Ratusny
THERAPY Best Practices
Feelings are the conscious experience of your emotional reaction. Your feelings arise out of what you think. Your feelings are incredibly powerful and it can seem at times, as though they overtake or control you. Here we discuss the relationship between your thoughts and feelings; and I share helpful cues for how to best understand why you feel the way you do; and how to change how you feel. Join me here again for another episode of CBT 'Best Practices' to learn how your feelings affect your actions and reactions. p.s. There is a lot to take in, in each of these episodes of CBT 'Best Practices', including takeaway strategies and tools that you can immediately apply in your life! Listen with a way to take notes so that you can turn each episode into the change that you seek in your life! πŸ’œπŸ‘ Well done!! Please join me for more CBT 'Best Practices' here! Namaste! πŸ’œ
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Always learning
I’m feeling better knowing I have some control over my life Thank you for the wonderful message
I am the master of my thoughts
I can control what I think about so I can also feel better and behave more positively towards people & situations.