So easy
I think many spiritual teachings may look simple at first. I don't think any of this is easy when trying to combine all that we're learning. I do think it's so worth it. So worth the journey. I'm not sure how I feel about manifestations coming to fruition. In other words, I think I look too hard for signs from the universe. Here's a personal example. Rather than money or a large home or dream job, I manifest a true bond with a man. Someone to share comfort and our lives together. A relationship which is so open and spiritual that there are no questions about fidelity or other feelings that seem silly to me. I don't manifest on the regular. There are other things of course that I want in my life. To share my love for the outdoors. To garden, plant, harvest, enjoy! To always know that I will lay my head down at the end of each day next to the warmth of a man I unconditionally love and care about. It's going to take a miracle because I'm a person that sticks to my home. Thank you for this meditation, Dorothy. It obviously has me thinking about my growth and what the universe may have in store for me. I'm learning a lot about how to be ready to receive abundance. It seems like there are so many things to work on.