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Hope Rather Than Hopelessness

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation invites you to choose hope rather than hopelessness. During times of uncertainty, you may feel overwhelmed. Like a storm, the emotions will pass eventually. Regardless of how you are feeling, remember to ground yourself in the present moment, be patient and be hopeful.
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Very Relaxing 🌊 🌊
Very relaxing...very, very relaxing...almost too relaxing! I nearly fell asleep halfway through! This could be a very good sleep meditation or a very good meditation for those who are extremely stressed.
It helps to change direction
I noticed that even though I didn’t feel as calm as I hoped, I still felt like I was doing something good for myself - a move in the right direction
Hope rather than hopelessness
I can give myself the same love, compassion and acceptance that I give to others.