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Hope for Us All: Talk + Meditation

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
As much change as we are all experiencing right now, and during this time of a global pandemic, this meditation reminds us that hope needs to be present for the deliberate teachings of our heart; stirring within us, and rising up; and that we must be the deliberate messages of hope that we honor for our new lives; and for our lives always. Strive to live with hope each day of your life; to feel hope for what is wanted, and for what you are willing to do to make your life better. Namaste! love Dorothy
From the community
2 reflections
My Dearest Dorothy
I would love to see your body. In 70 years, I have yet to see anyBODY who isn’t stressed out. Your HOPE meditation has been painful. Some meditations live in a world of fantasy. Please explain, my lady…how can there be hope in the madness of this world. People dying, murdered, looted. Hate and fear. There is no hope; unless, there is a change of heart. Peace will come … only when people want it badly enough. There are days when I feel despair for us all. Everyone! Tell me. HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT PEACE? ❤️😭
I’m confused
It just didn’t seem like it was finished? I don’t know. It seemed like there was a lot of talking which is part of the description, but is the point of this to meditate as we listen to her talk?
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