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Hope: a Guided Meditation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"Hope is the path of your heart open to love." - Dorothy Ratusny This meditation of hope reminds you of your perfect inner sanctuary; because hope is what guides you through your darkest moments, through confusion, uncertainty, and chaos. Hope leads you to the light; to the deepest yearnings your heart calls out for. Join me in this prose meditation of contemplation and to instill hope and love. Namaste! xo
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Hope is natural
I noticed the millions of possibilities to recreate ourselves and the world around us in a better shape are always there everyday. Though I do not need to stress to pick all the chances in each single moment, because if I make myself and life flow naturally with theur own, inherently perfect rhythm, then I will pick the chance that I feel suits the most that present version of myself. Life will generate options and will naturally envelop the most proper ones in front of me, if I am present and follow my own rhythm.
Right Energy
I needed to hear the right energy expressed in this. Sometimes we get stuck in mental cycles where we don’t see all the possibilities. I needed to hear this message.
What an awesome meditation
My family had been through a really terrible experience that I thought initially would destroy my lovely family. Through meditation I now have the clarity of who I am and our possibilities are endless when we work together as a whole unit. The people closest to me are the worlds most incredible beautiful individuals I could have ever asked for. I promise to be the foundation for hope love and prosperity now and for many more generations to come. I thank you for your assistance on my way to our better place. Cowabunga Namaste I love you I love you I love you
Hope is easy to say,
But also the beginning of my battle. I need Dorothy! My needs are simple, as is my wallet, but I am too afraid of my first book sales to start a second one yet. I need a Dorothy for Real today, as I try to write Words good enough for people to Pay me to read. I have already lost my weight, found my true love, have a Book Contract with History Press… But I am Losing Hope, Dorothy, despite your Aura Assistance. I cannot believe what I cannot see. I tell the Truth, but it may be my Swan Song to write it. 😥
I need to feel hope daily. My attitude has been very negative and down.
Sit quietly daily with God to remember who’s I am and what HE has in store for me. HE wants nothing but good for me and my family.
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