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Holding Hands on a Dreamy Morning

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Sascha Meier (Alexandra)
Personal Development & Mindfulness Coach
When we tune into a slower pace, we harness a certain kind of energy. This is a story to listen to you as you are trying to fall asleep, of a walk, hand in hand with a loved one. An exploration of how when someone takes your hand with full presence, mindfulness naturally comes front and center. You can begin to sense in a deep way how the universe surrenders as you bask into the stillness and sweetness of meaningful connections in your life.
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Holding hands
What a beautiful story đź’• I want to create memories like that one. Thank you.
Grandma’s house
I remembered how good it felt to be at green grandmas’s house. I could see the whole house and feel how safe it was there. And notice all of these joyful things about my grandma. Like how much time and attention she had for me. And treats and fun activities. And the evergreens outside in the yard and her garden.