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Help! I Still Love My Ex

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Have you had your heart broken? When we go through a breakup, we often get stuck on repeat, replaying the past and longing for it. But do you really still love them? You need to listen to this if you are feeling stuck pining for your ex.
From the community
11 reflections
Listened for insight but not sure this applies- although maybe I'm in denial. In answering the questions i did feel loved- letting go can be love. I can appreciate Cs situation and feel that she chose to respect me with honesty and letting me go. She wrote me a very loving message of congratulations, but has honored her own words by keeping her focus where it needs to be. Her consistency in emotion is helpful. I think I do still love her and while Im working on letting her go the love I feel so strongly in this space is really for myself. I would love if our paths come back together but i think a part of me will love her regardless, as a person, and as the beautiful soul she exists as.
What I needed to hear
I’ve been going through a tough relationship and have been catching myself feeling like as discribed in this... this was what I needed to hear to help me figure out how to go about this situation.
Her ex
I have a friend that stepped out of a relationship like a while ago but she is still heartbroken and I don’t even know what to say to her to feel better. Now I do. I have to let her know that it isn’t worth it.
This is very true
We should get caught up in fantasies about what things could be but what they are. The other person has to care too for there to be love in a relationship it can't be from only one person.
My daughter mother
I love my daughters mother so much we are not together at the moment due to my mess ups I do love her and my daughter to death but idk if she still loves me but I really hope she does maybe one day we can be together again and stick to it
Day 3
This one on heart break helped me a lot because throughout the day I was forced to see or be near my ex when they were happy. I hate to see him like that. How come I am so miserable? I’m gonna text him saying all this.
My Ex.
I learned that no matter what I have been going through and no matter how unfair and awful it may have been, I did right by her and can hold my head high. Also she is not the person I love anymore, can’t dwell on why or how but need to move forward with MY LIFE because I deserve love and happiness.
After 6 years
I am still in love with who she is. Even as she leaves me to find the life she truly wants to live. I love her courage, her hopefulness, her heart. I admire her strength; she is a rock. My loneliness hurts—but I still love her. I will look after myself now. I will heal. I will be a better man for having loved. Myself. And her.
My Ex
I know that she will never love me because she always cheated on me then I realize I can stop loving her she got me in depression so I left her and now I’m happy
My Past
I need to let go instead of holding on to the love I have and been letting it hurt me more than I should of been. He was there but was he really there for me...
Listened to advice about relationships
I am not crying over an ex but my best friend. I told her I didn’t like her boyfriend because I didn’t think he was treating her well, and when I did that, I felt like she stopped talking to me as much. I then said some things and she said some things back and when I apologized, she never acknowledged my apology. I got angry and lashed out, calling her a shitty friend, self-absorbed, and oblivious to how she has been treating me. She asked for a break. This was a month ago. Now I have tried apologizing but it turns out she has blocked me. How could someone who just wanted a break and who told me I meant so much to them just treat me like I don’t exist? I miss her so much and cry daily. I love her because she was the first person who wanted to be my best friend. But after listening to the advice in the 3 minute video, I realized that if she really loved me, she would have given me a chance to explain myself. I have to start looking for a friend who really cares about me and who would not give me the silent treatment when I told her the truth about her boyfriend. I only wanted the best for her but all she wants is to be with him even though he is inconsiderate.
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