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Help, I Feel Stuck

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Many of us grow up with ideas about how we want life to look. But then somehow things don't turn out quite like you imagined. Many of us feel like there are dreams or hopes that we haven't been able to live. This session helps you to get unstuck and live a life more true to yourself.
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11 reflections
Small steps
This little lesson came at a perfect time for me. I have been thinking of a career change for awhile but I always return to my job because I am afraid of big changes. But by taking small steps towards that big change makes it seem possible.
Single step
I have lived my life with action but without purposeful decision. This has been the source of much of my discontent. It’s good to know I can reverse this trend so simply. One single step at a time.
Step one....
Figure out what step one(the smallest step) might actually be ...
Taking the first step
I like the idea of taking the first small step today, but I don’t know what that step would actually be for me. Not sure what I need to get moving and feel less stuck. Think this would work well if I knew what that thing was that I needed to do.
I felt that this life coaching is extremely helpful- more than just calming nerves, but giving you insight and actually making a real, true difference in your life. I’m astounded at how deep this life coaching reached.
Decisions followed by actions
I need to listen to this again and take notes. I really liked the message. I am where I am because of decisions I made followed by actions. I may not have thought it all through completely, but I do have a plan. I just need to be patient in the execution of it over the next several months. This was helpful in giving me perspective about the decision I made and a framework for future decisions and actions to follow.
The next step
My goal is to be happy. I’m fortunate that I don’t feel stuck. But from time to time if that feeling comes up I can ask myself: What is the smallest step you can take today to get you on your path to where you want to be? So simple yet very effective! #OmShanti
I *wish* it were actually just this easy!
What’s missing in this lesson is outside forces drastically altering your life path! Regardless of the forces which cause you to be “stuck”, stuck is stuck. Some obstacles are just beyond our ability to overcome, at least quickly! Trust me. I know of which I speak. The struggle is *very* real.
Take one step
I’ve really enjoyed listening to this, I feel like it’s a great encouragement when you’re starting on a new endeavor. Finding one small thing you can do each day to bring you closer to your dreams is a reminder I need regularly.
Day 61
My goal is happiness. I want to just feel content with my life. I feel like I used to and somehow I got here and it’s like my mind is a negative narrator. I need to live to each day is my last and love more. I do feel stuck. But is this me not acknowledging how good I have it? Or rather that I truly need a new calling.
I’ve come back to this one again and again to help motivate me to keep taking steps, no matter how small, towards my goals. Thank you so much!
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