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Help for Resolving Conflict - What You Need to Do

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The four best practices for helping you move from conflict into resolution - effectively - whilst maintaining your relationship and achieving greater understanding. Namaste!! xo If you would like my personal help or guidance in any situation that you may continue to be struggling with - and that remains unresolved and causing  hurt or pain, please consider booking a free 15-minute discovery session with me.  You may also wish to 'gift it' to another who is struggling with a situation of conflict that needs resolution.  https://www.dorothyratusny.com/free-15-minute-discovery-session/
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14 reflections
Not as helpful as I’d hoped
I feel these strategies can work when both parties are reasonable and coming from a healthy place. I feel for myself though I have been walked over most of my life as I have always tried to see the others viewpoint, be compassionate etc. beyond when it was helpful. I feel that this doesn’t address the fact that if a family member is abusive and unreasonable you have every right to walk away and not just stick around and keep trying to understand them and be compassionate. You can do that from a distance and not feel bad about it.
I love this
New ways to deal with conflict. With my fiancé’s mother. I’m gonna to use these methods and hopefully they help me get threw the holidays !!☺️😎😎⚡️🙏🏼❣️🌙♾🔙
You made me feel alone when all I wanted was you. I hope to understand why you hurt some one you say you love. I love you still but I am lost because of you. I need to find myself.
Why did God give us the same birthday but not the same year? Do you love me or hate me for infringing on your birthday rights big sister, because you make it hard to tell sometimes. I didn’t believe you about your abusers at first until they came out of my memories and became mine, too. You didn’t believe me about the one who never touched you, because you felt unworthy to be even abused by that one. Now, now, that I am a young widow, you become cold and indifferent even harsh and abrasive one minute and loving and open the next. I cry for the old you, but past is past. Now, let us meet on even ground, and say a truce. Be my sister once more. Teach me your wisdom and I will teach you mine. Teach me how to love and I will show you my love.
Exactly what I needed
There are many ways to solve or ease conflict especially with family members. We all have our own memories/ experiences/value systems and are coming from different places of healing. Patience is key.
I want to have a free 15 minute session with Dorothy Ratushy how do I go about it
I miss you
I understand this is scary for you. I wish you knew how it was hurting me.
Understanding can help with conflict resolution. How do you handle situations where you fully understand and are still hurt or upset?
Kindness is a choice
Kindness can be practiced with slowing down and thinking first before speaking. It’s my normal to be kind, escaping frustration can be done by being kind to myself first.
Relationship meditation
I felt very calm and present when listening to this I felt calmer after the session was over
Need to be on the same page
I felt that these strategies would work if both people were on the same page to start but if one side is irrational I can’t see these steps working. J
This took me out of my own perceptions and helped me focus on the other person more compassionately.
I feel numb
I learned that I have to take a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective
Christine Stewart
I feel unheard
I learned that I need to step back and view from a different perspective.
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