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Teena Jones
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Right now you're living in paradise and don't know it, until TODAY!
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2 reflections
Moving into this space
I’m finding myself moving into this space after a recent divorce of 17 years. I’ve noticed that the more I discuss (or continue to ponder) the last events with anyone it’s a low vibration feeling of emotions. It’s taking me some time so I continue to give myself grace and just woke in getting better each day. I’m working on it and I feel it getting lighter and lighter. Hasn’t been a year yet so I’m taking care of me and learning to appreciate the process of where I am currently. Thanks T❤️🙏🏾needed this!
Heaven on earth
I kinda understand that concept of “I’m exactly where I need to be” in spirit but as a struggling alcoholic, it’s not where I want to be & I’m at a loss…