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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
We all listen but do we really pay attention to what we are hearing? Mindful listening means to listen non-judgmentally without the need to reply or say something in return but to fully give one's attention with care and empathy. If you find yourself dwelling a lot on thinking and feel obliged to reply, this meditation will help you to pay close attention to various sense faculties. This practice will help improve our ability to feel empathy, build new connections, and develop better relaxations with the surroundings and people.
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Getting settled into my comfortable posture, I’m beginning to focus on my ears. Not the physical state of them sticking out from the sides of my head, but what sounds I hear. My room is totally silent; there are no sounds to listen for; no furnace coming on, no cars going by. The only exception is an internal, very faint “noise” called tinnitus. It’s there all the time, it’s not bothersome; it’s just there. At the end of the meditation, I wondered what the point of mindful listening was when there was no noise. I must have been listening really hard to nothing because both of my ears felt “full”, like my ear drums had ballooned out. It’s gone now, but was a strange reaction to nothing. 🙏
Too many sounds!
Youngest daughter taking a shower. Running water. Bathroom fan. Wife attempting to distract me from my session on purpose. All normal everyday sounds in the home. Nothing weird or too very exciting. Kind of comforting, really!
A needed break
I’m sitting in a very noisy area in San Francisco and after walking for about an hour and a half I needed a break. This meditation was interesting I enjoyed listening to the instructor and the noises around me didn’t really bother me at all. Thanks 🙏 Karuna
Pay attention
We live in a fast pace world in which there are no breaks -no stops. Life is meant to live it at its fullest, appreciating what it has to offer -and what earth offers us, as well. Take a moment to hear/see/feel those things that surround you. Stop for a moment.
Deep Listenjng
The most important thing we can do for someone we love is show up fully present. To learn to listen attentively to what they are saying without our mind being totally focused on how we are going to respond to them. In this session, Karuna guides you to focus on the sounds you are hearing by acknowledging them and letting those sounds pass by without judgement. Sounds are like are thoughts which come and go. One way to help your mind focus on what you are hearing is silently repeating in your mind “listening” a few times to help you focus. My intention for the day is to practice this deep listening technique. I feel over time this will help to improve my listening skills which will benefit all the special people in my life that may need my full attention.
~ liesel b ~
Friday, May 29, 2020
Listening fully to something does not involve judgement, asking for clarification, or adding your own input. It is simply sitting there and hearing everything a person is saying in their own words, and focusing as deeply as you can on those words. No clue who this quote is from but I thought it was really smart: “You aren’t learning if your mouth is open.”
Excellent re-centering in just listening. Love the focus on really hearing sounds and being present with those sounds.
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