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Heart-Centered Breathing for Inner Peace

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Experience the simplicity of connecting with your heart center using your breath. Beyond a physical organ of your body, your heart is an incredible force field that contains the same type of neurons that are found in the brain. Research tells us that heart is an incredible source of inspired knowing and wisdom; all that is needed is to become quiet, to place attention here, to experience your divine connection. "Peaceful, soothing; a gentle reminder that you are never alone." Namaste! xo - dorothy
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2 reflections
Hearts Center ❤️
With one hand placed over my heart ❤️ to focus on connecting with my heart’s center, I took a deep breath in. Then exhaled slowly. After repeating this a few times, I felt an aliveness throughout my body. As I could feel my heart beating, I became grateful for this important organ keeping me alive. I thanked my heart for continuing to pump blood throughout my whole body. Thank you Aura for recommending this new session for me to listen to this afternoon. It was just what I needed to bring me back to a peaceful state. Namaste!🙏❤️
Peaceful Heart
Beautiful meditation that lit my heart, first with a warm glow, then grew to a fiery ball with each breath, ever expanding. The flames were those of love, compassion and gratitude. I ended with a vision of my children joining me within this heart, and a prayer for our wellbeing. 💕🔥❤️
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