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Heart Like the Sun

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
By visualising and imagining our hearts like the sun, warm and bright, we can help our hearts to become warmer and brighter and full of joy and kindness.
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Walter J
I could feel the warmth of my heart the moment I put my hand on my chest. I sensed it was getting hotter and shining brighter as she spoke... I usually radiate a lot of Energy anyway, but I could feel it amping up even more than normal. Then this (weird) thought whizzed by - do I scare (some) people with the amount of Energy that radiates from me? When I take the time to write these posts, I have to tone it down to type. And words can only carry so much energy with them, but when I am live... maybe I am just too much, too bright for some people? Maybe I hurt their eyes?!? I believe I was built to shine and in my minds eye I see this huge lighthouse all the time, so I guess... they will just have to put sunglasses on if it’s too bright for them!?! I am not sure I could turn it down or off if I wanted too!?! It was a weird thought I never had before... 🌜🌞🌛
Heart like the sun
I thought this exercise was very calming and relaxing for the body.
Heart like the sun
I thought this exercise was very calming and relaxing for the body.
Full of Light
Imagine your heart space as a sun, radiating warmth and light throughout your body. As you envision this glow, your body begins to be full of joy and kindness. Extend that warmth and light within you to others and spread kindness. Have a sunny day!🌞 🙏🏻❤️😊
Radiating Sun
In this wonderful meditation, Jiva has us imagine our heart chakra as the sun. Doing this can give us warmth and welcome happiness in our hearts. Imagining my heart chakra as the sun, I became warmer and brighter with each heartbeat. With each heartbeat, I could feel the glow from the center of the sun in my heart chakra getting brighter and brighter radiating outward. With each heartbeat, the sun rays extended down each one of my extremities and up to the top of my head. What an incredible feeling...being full of this bright and warm light! I now send this brightness and warmth, this beautiful radiating sun, out and into the Universe! Thank you, Jiva for creating such a beautiful meditation! Wishing everyone a bright and beautiful day! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Radiating Heart ❤️
After reading Cherish’s wonderful reflection on this meditation, I decided to try it out. I visualized myself sitting at the park with my head facing the sun. I could feel it providing warmth, light, and energy throughout my body as well as on my hearts center. I am left with a feeling of love and happiness. May your heart be full of love and light today.❤️
i need to notice more opportunities for warmth in my day. it’s import to take in these moments while i still can
Making the world brighter :).
When our hearts are filled with love, kindness and joy, they are as warm and as bright as the sun! Let us allow our hearts to impact others in a lasting way!
I am worthy because of christ in me.
I am worthy if is telling God I don’t believe in who God created when he my father created me. When I feel self doubt I am insulting God by not believing in him. A really amazing awakening when you choose to remove your doubt and allow God to continue his plans
Winter McGuire
Tough day
I leanerned that I can’t just rush things. And when I can’t have control over situations, I need to admit it. Also admit my wrongs and to fix what’s wrong. I need to focus on my heart and focus more importantly on others feelsing.
Hurt like sunlight
I wasn’t in the greatest mood when I started this practice. However, imagining warmth and light coming out of my heart, reminded me of the potential I have to show others light rather than anger. This put my head in a much better space. I am grateful for all those who work for this app.  thank you for putting this track together.In doing so, you are reminding me of my own potential for positive emotions. I appreciate the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy , and well.
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