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Heart Chakra Activation | Love Yourself

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Tori Goddard
Food Freedom Coach and yoga instructor
It is time to settle into your heart space, activating your heart chakra to renew your mind, body, and soul. We are born to love. To give and receive love. Activating this chakra is essential in releasing the love hormones that connect us deeply to ourselves, and those around us. Increase your self-love, infuse your mind and body with loving energy, and see the beauty around you in all things.
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2 reflections
My Heart Chakrs
I learned that my heart chakra is in the middle of my chest, and that it is in the middle of the lower and upper chakras. The mantra I chanted was Yom. I felt very relaxed during the meditation. I am love and I give love to myself and others.
Renewed Heart Chakra
I felt pretty awful in the heart Chakra going into this meditation. I came out feeling much better and released.