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Healthy Mind Healthy Thoughts Meditation

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Healthy Mind Series: Taking Control of Your Thoughts. Part 6/6 This is a meditation that goes with this series to help you experience and understand what it means to have a healthy mind with healthy thoughts.
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I’m learning that Aura is us being very healing and helpful during all these events I seem to be going through! Choosing my thoughts as in this meditation is a great way to think. I am not very thought and I can choose! Thanks m really enjoying all these different advisers!
Letting all thoughts flow and choosing which to give attention to and which to let float away. We are not your thoughts. Our thoughts, and subconscious mind want to please us. If a thought creates fear, or joy it doesn't distinguish between the two. All it cares about is if we have continued thoughts and reactions to them. Those thoughts are then put on a repeat cycle. To have the healthy mind we seek, it is necessary to acknowledge all our thoughts. They are there. Notice the thoughts that are part of what we want for our inner self. This forms a healthy mind. It takes practice. After 2 weeks we will notice a change within.
Thank you Steven
I learned a many great things about thoughts. I have been reading a lot about Buddhism and your analogy makes perfect sense and connects everything. Thank you!!