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Healthy Boundaries

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Dr. Janell Carroll
Relationship, Sexuality & Gender Coach
Boundaries may be one of the most essential, yet overlooked social skills. They enable you to create clear guidelines for how you want to be treated and define what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable to you in all your relationships. They can improve your physical and emotional health by reducing stress, anxiety, and burnout. Without boundaries, it’s possible to lose yourself, allowing the people in your life to disrespect, manipulate, or ignore you. Boundaries help you to be fully YOU and to stay resilient, strong, and happy with who you are. For more information about Dr. Carroll, go to
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An email id
Is there an email ID or Whattsapp to talk to her to make an appointment?cause time difference here is huge.(Male' Capital City of maldives ) I am in need of her help badly
Setting boundaries, such as physical, mental, time, or sexual boundaries, are important to our emotional well-being. If we don’t set boundaries and communicate them to others, we can feel manipulated, anxious, or burnout. It is also important to recognize other people’s boundaries as well, for mutual respect.
Healthy boundaries
This is an excellent life coaching/CBT lesson on setting boundaries. It is jam packed with information. It covers what different boundaries we have such as emotional, physical, etc... It explains each one with an example. It then explains the importance of identifying our boundaries and applying them to our daily lives. They are crucial to our overall well being. Sometimes, we won't even know we have a boundary until someone crosses it. I personally have found peace and happiness from enforcing boundaries firmly in my life. However, it's obvious to me that there is still work for me to do! I had a big example happen over the weekend. It's part of my journey! Great session. Thank you, Dr. Carroll. 🙏☮️🌺
Super nice talk
I felt so nice listening to this. Boundaries and no answers don't need explanations whatsoever. How important is that for guilt emotions that might come on the surface ,🌹
Setting boundaries
I learned that I really need to clarify my own personal boundaries. ESPECIALLY with TM
As a mom, boundaries are hard. I have a 5 year old and she has TERRIBLE boundaries with me and does not respect anything I say. I tend to feel bad or guilty when I follow through with a consequence or won't let her sit on my lap etc. I like the line that boundaries define where I stop and another person begins.