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Healing Tissue 285Hz Solfeggio (Crystal)

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David Hughes
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
Deeply relaxing pure-tone, occasional rain tick, and Crystal bowl tuned to the 285 Hz frequency, helping to heal tissue and promoting optimal health and physical wellbeing. Crystal Sonic Therapy is a non-invasive sound healing therapy that incorporates pure vibrations to resonate with the individual. The music incorporates the beautiful sound of a crystal bowl being struck every 24 seconds, which corresponds to a slow heart rate of 60 beats per minute. With the bowl tuned to 285 Hz, it can be said this frequency is linked to the Root Chakra, which is the primal energy center at the lower back, and so the intent and focus can be placed in this area for the greatest impact. I hope you find some relaxation and improve your wellbeing here.