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Healing The Inner Child

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Andrew Johnson
Mindfulness & Sleep Coach
As young children, we often deal with issues that, if left unresolved, can continue to have negative influences on us as adults. In a huge majority of cases, these issues, when viewed as an adult with adult knowledge and resources, can seem trivial, however, the "child" in us can still have the emotional reaction when the right "buttons" are pressed. This recording is about accessing that child-like part in ourselves and offering our inner child reassurance, confidence, and, in many cases, resolution. This can often happen without conscious awareness of what is being worked on. Think of this recording as a time to give your inner child a long, loving hug.
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I clicked on this mediation to do some inner child work and I was in another space until the end... the practitioner could have told me to eat only potato chips...I have no idea... but I woke up refreshed & energized & rest for my day!
Inner child
My inner child still hurts like it always did before. Same exact.
Healing my inner child
I was deeply connected during this entire process. The staircase, the relaxation of my body, the special place. A safe place. Seeing my inner child. Finding out what she needs. I saw her as I was at 9 or 10. We communicated. First time for me. She cried in my arms. I told her I was so sorry I was not there for her before. This was an experience I will never forget. I never realized how very important it is to tend to my inner child often. The voice of the instructor was soft and encouraging. I'm overwhelmed with feelings about what just occurred. It was the beginning of myself and my inner child healing. It was special. I'm ready to do this work now. In the past I was scared it would bring back past trauma. Instead I feel that the divine is leading me and inside me saying everything is going to be okay. I'm blown away.