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Healing My Inner Child

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A powerful guided meditation to provide and assist with self-healing of your inner child - your 'younger self. Discover how to ask questions of your inner child in meditation and to sense and 'hear' your answers. This is one important way of being able to connect with the younger version of yourself, and to provide the needs of your inner child - 'now'. As you care for the needs of your inner child - and particular needs that are similar to those that may not have been properly cared for at an earlier time - you experience healing, love, and validation. This is a beautiful and healing process for revealing how we can heal our past. With much love, xo Dorothy
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Addiction or nourishment
Since I have left my ex, a new term has entered my vocabulary. Love addiction. I am not sure if this applies to me. I know I need love to heal. I also know that I am less than a month out of an abusive relationship. I already want to start another romantic relationship. Does this make me a love addict? Or am I just healing from an abusive & neglectful childhood?
Just what I needed
This meditation... well I can say that it's the first one I've saved and commented on- and I've been using Aura for months now. I've been carrying around old hurts for so long that I didn't realize how much armor I had built up. Healing my inner child and loving my adult self is the top priority in my life right now. Waking up to this meditation was just another sign from the universe that I'm on the right path. Thanks Dorothy!
Good, but
Thanks for givibg the tools for healing. The meditation could have been more powerful if after the questions, I had more time to meditate on the answers. I had a hard time doing that while the teacher was telling me how important these answers were.
Acceptance is key. Release desire & expectation. Embrace the moment. Gently let go of the past. The next moment is a blank slate waiting for acceptance. Breathe
A Must Listen: Inner Child
I found this practice y Dorothy very unique. We’ve all experienced pain or suffering in our past or childhood to varying degrees. To positively move forward in love & light, we must heal our inner child. Dorothy encourages us to ask 3 basic yet profound questions to start the healing process. A+
Healing the inner child takes stillness, practice, attention, and most importantly patience. Each time this meditation is done, I feel a piece of my self unlocking from a irregular position and shifting itself until it clicks into a different position. These types of meditations are intense for me. I have so much healing to do from my childhood, and these guided meditations are a great step in on the path to healing. One tip I have is to cut out “he or she” and simply replace it with “they” instead of “listen to what he or she is trying to tell you” a more fluid option is “listen to what they are trying to tel you” and it is also more inclusive in our changing society. The end of the year is bringing about many different types of deep soul transformations. Healing your inner child can help keep you balanced during this inner chaotic time and also help put into words, or identifiable sensations that are not normally explainable. Thank you and Namaste 🌿
My inner child needs self-acceptance and self-love to run with the wolves and be her wild, untamed self...I will definitely be back to continue the years of healing that needs to be done to her. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻
Love my self
My inner child needs self love n forgive others and myself n live
This helped me develop awareness of the concept of inner child and how it may hold a key to self-healing. I’ve been healing myself for 35 years and at 64 years old I’ve healed many things. But never delved into my inner child. Looking forward to this next phase of self-healing. Thank you once again Dorothy. Namaste!
Mary ann
My inner child needs stillness
My inner child needs compassion to heal My inner child needs meditation to get through
I noticed that I was judging my past self as a kid even though it is already in the past. Also, I realized that this meditation is about my inner child, not past self. I would like to be kinder to myself and more confident in my character so that I can release my fear of judgment. I think caring less about what others think will help my inner child have fun and memorable experiences.
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