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Healing Meditation

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to direct healing to wherever it is needed most.
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Feeling healed
Just to say that this precious meditation helps me feel healed. I will do it each time I will need it. Thank you! 🙂
Loss, waiting, wondering.
This week has been a long stressful one. We finally lost my grandfather last night. After a heart surgery he was catapulted into dementia. So I’m sad, but content to see him go. My grandfather died in March. His body died last night. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t sound callous. I auditioned for another play. There is almost no chance I’ll get this role, but that doesn’t keep me from wanting it so bad. The character I tried out for simply gives a monologue, but it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read! I doubt I’ll get it based on age. Yet again I’m unsure about horseback riding. If you can’t tell, I deal with a lot of anxiety. Well as much as I love my instructor, she can be snarky in all the wrong ways. Like today. I ran out to the ring to ask which saddle she wanted me in. (I was on a bigger horse than usual and wanted to double check). Well after I got my answer I stood there a minute because my back was in pain, I assume from work, and how I was standing against the gate was stretching it out nicely. She looked at me and in a snarky, snappy tone just said: “Bye!” I really still don’t understand why and honestly I think it was a little uncalled for. I will give her that they have had summer camps the last two weeks, but I’m not sure that excuses snapping at an (I think) innocent student. It’s things like this. She doesn’t usually snap, but she is very snarky when you make a mistake. I know this works well for some students, but I’m already unreasonably hard on myself. Adding to that just heightens my anxiety levels and causes me to freak out on horseback. I don’t know what to do. There’s one barn in the area I’ll visit. Just to see if I can find someone with a slightly softer approach.
I learned that healing emotionally can make a big difference in how you will feel for the rest of the day. You feel refreshed.
Physical Pains
I noted that I was able to focus on the parts of my body that cause me daily pain. Giving attention to it, it’s possible to use this meditation to note, foster self love and compassion, then give treatment and care after this practice to that pain.
October 1, 2018
I really felt in tune with the white healing light! I loved it as she talked about it I felt happiness and joy! It’s crazy how talking could bring about those feelings like that. Simply feel relaxed today’s stress is gone.❤️🍁🍂 Very warm today.
The imagery of a warm healing light is quite lovely. Your gentle guidance is also healing and soothing.🙏
Imagining the healing light was very relaxing and calming. I feel a calm and more grounded energy.
Needed this healing
I really needed some emotional healing tonight and this worked really well. Thank you.
July 17- Morning
I felt a closeness to spirituality and heaven like entities as I envisioned the idea of healing envelop me. I feel rejuvenated and have a much more safe aura than stressed.
Focusing on specific regions of the body for healing felt very therapeutic. Another exercise in peace. Maybe this white light will be carried throughout my day. It certainly would be nice to share. Peace.
Warm White Healing Light
Today I needed to keep the white light in my head as I have a headache. I feel much better after just focusing on my breathe.
Healing Light
This is a favorite meditation of mine from my spiritual practice and I love the way it was done here. I feel calm and content, and in less pain emotionally and physically. I’m so glad I got this app!
Healing Meditation
This was a beautiful way to start my day. I immediately felt warm and relaxed. Thank you
Healing light
Really great meditation for any daytime. Felt really warm and cozy.
This helped me relax after stressful work day. Could feel brain relaxing.
This was very soothing. I felt it really helped me so I downloaded it so I can play it often.