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Healing for the Planet

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
In this meditation, you will be holding a strong intention for healing for our planet. This can be a calming counterbalance when our world is going through challenging circumstances, and you might be feeling helpless. We will close the meditation by imagining others all around the world holding the same powerful intention for global healing.
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Gratefulness remark
I am grateful for all my amazing friends, my magnificent boyfriend, my supportive family, and the more or less harmonious creatures in my surroundings.
That was incredible, thank you! The world needs us to shine our Light and send out loving healing energy. Downloaded and favourited to practice this on a regular basis! 🙏💕🙏✨
Sending Blessings
When I see all the suffering that is going on not only in the country I live in, but in the world as a whole, I feel the immense need to send blessings of health, well-being and security to all. Because we were all born on this planet, we all have a ‘right’ to be on this planet. We get so busy in our individual lives that I think we sometimes forget about that. We get so busy that we even forget who we are. We are human beings. The human in us wants to be happy and suffer less. While on our path, we all have had the same emotions and the same thoughts at one time or another. I think majority of the human race live their lives on this level alone, forgetting about the other part of us. The being that lives within us all. As beings, our innate nature is love. We look beyond what we may look like on the outside and see the soul in ourselves which allows for us to see the souls in others. Living from our innate nature, we naturally want to do good things for ourselves, others and this great planet of ours. We don’t always have to agree. In fact, great ideas and opportunities come from adversity. But, I do believe that we have to treat one another with dignity. Again, we are all one species and all deserve to be here. Today, I choose to shine my light from within out and into the darkness I see. If enough of us choose to do the same, we can and will cast the darkness out. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️