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Healing Flows Where Intention Goes

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
A short meditation of tuning in to one's body through mindful breathing for healing.
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11 reflections
Don't wait
I learned that I am in control. I'm truly the only person that's going to be able to bring myself healing.
I think it is being lost in the mundane that makes you unhappy. You've lost so much energy and zest for life because you're spending most of your week doing something you can't bear. You have no connection to your surroundings. This downward energy is causing you to become sad, sad about everything. Pick yourself up, and go. Pick yourself up and run. Because it will feel good.
I Can Heal
I learned that I'm able to ease my pain in a way that will allow me to continue my day without being interrupted by it.
My choice is mine
Honestly, the script to this session hit me on such a personal level that I wish I could write it down. Thankyou aura.
It's ok not to be ok sometimes
I really needed this meditation I didn't feel like I did well with my 2 sessions of yoga today I wasn't focused and I feel like I let myself down I feel disconnected with my progress and this meditation made me feel better that I can do better tomorrow and just to keep trying to be better at my focus and determination
Thank you
Lauren, I love your meditations and I really needed this one today. I'm going through a really rough time of it at the minute, but you always help me to feel calmer and lighter. Thank you so much
So true - finding it a challenge to trust my instinct when the path gets rocky 🙏
Intentional healing
I learned that as my pain issues arise, I can affirm healing in my body. I think I'd forgotten that affirmations ARE intentions. So I'm glad I began my day affirming my body in the midst of a pain experience.
To accept is to heal
My pain grows like a quiet monster when I deny it. But when I face it, it melts away! No real pain then...
Finding gratitude in pain
I had just gotten off the phone with my mother who battles a chronic form of cancer. She is about to have her annual scan and I could sense her anxiety. She told me that she only lives her life from one scan to the next, never making plans too far in the future because she doesn't know if she will live to see it. We also talked about my grandparents. My grandfather is developing early stages of dementia and needs extra care. My grandmother is grieving over so many things, but she's angry that they now can't do everything that they talked about when they were young. They can't travel and take all of those trips because they waited too long. I am about to undergo surgery on my shoulder for an injury I've had now for a year. I am limited in so many ways, but today I am choosing gratitude. I am grateful for the health I do have and my ability to live my life for today.
My favorite so far 😊
Love this one. Thank you! Your meditations are great. Will subscribe.
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