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Healing Depression (Faith-Based)

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
The mind is a very powerful tool to assist you in your healing. Allow these soothing words of truth to radiate throughout your body and restore your Divine birthright to perfect health and wellness.
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Jason Akers
I learned that I have a choice. I can be negative or positive and I can’t let my wife’s negative attitude and inattentiveness to me determine how I feel. I can accept I don’t like it, but it goes in a box that is shut off from my self perception
This was intense…
This session was truly what I needed at the right time in the right moment. God’s timing is perfect, always! Tears have flooded my face when I have experienced god‘s blessing through those words. I was lost for so long and I have found the most high‘s truth in a split second with this session. This was totally refreshing and nourishing for my soul and helped me to re-member with the source.
Paul Rienguette
It’s a Choice
We choose our happiness As difficult and challenging as it may be it is a choice. May it be the smallest of seeds of happiness, once planted it will grow and be bountiful. Thank you for the inspiration Much Respect
Deeply moving
I will listen to this many times again as suggested by Teena. Every single word she said so softly brought me into a very deep place inside me. I feel nothing but calm and peace. Slightly sleepy. To know I'm on my journey. To know that no matter what the circumstances, people, etc... I can choose to be happy. Every single time. I have the power within myself to do so. It's beautiful. The universe has a plan for me. It's happening now. It's always been there. I just didn't know it. She spoke to our subconscious mind. It hears everything. So, to get into this deep state of relaxation of the mind and body, and receive such a powerful message subconsciously was in describable. Thank you sweet Teena. 💐