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Healing Deep Sleep To Wake Up Refreshed

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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Unwind your body and mind to receive deep healing sleep tonight. Use this hypnosis for 30 days for maximum results. This powerful sleep meditation combines visualizing letting go of heavy burdens, a healing body scan, calming breath techniques, and powerful positive affirmations for blissful sleep. Powerful theta wave binaural music and sleep brainwave entrainment help your body and mind to relax & sleep quickly. This sleep meditation is best for reducing anxiety, worries, stress, burnout, chronic conditions, depression, and insomnia. Sweet dreams, brilliant beings. Dr. Liz
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4 reflections
Liked her other version better
A nice script, but with minor-key music that I found off putting. She has another version of this on Aura with different music that I prefer.
Liked her other version better
Nice script, with long healing and relaxing body scan, no imaged scenes. But I found the minor key music off-putting. She has a different version on Aura that I like much better.
I had a deep sleep and woke up relaxed
I fell asleep quickly. It’s becoming easier to clear my mind.
Deep sleep, vivid dreams
I felt like I was waking from a very deep sleep. I dreamt of having many conversations with people, making strong connections. I also dreamed of trying to run and escape from someone, trying to give away an old bed, looking for a vacant bathroom, and doing the dishes with a family. The eldest daughter in the family and I had such a deep conversation and she was leaning in to kiss me through some of it. I later saw her on television and realized she was less attractive than I remembered but I still felt love and respect for her.
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