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Healing Anxiety

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
The sensations of anxiety can be overwhelming and interfere with living our authentic life. Join me for exploration on how to work with these feelings.
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11 reflections
I felt a little lectured in this exercise and missing the relaxation part I was seeking
I did not find this helpful so I will seek another one There were many opportunities to talk through being gentle with oneself and support to find an inner safe place
Walter J
Powerful to-the-point session on accepting oneself in order to reduce Anxiety. I tend to agree with Cindy, as our society & world seem to continually change faster, we tend to be more divided, more pressured and required to make more decisions, faster & more often. This is a recipe for more anxiety. It is important to remember though that the world is not always as it seems. Our senses are limited and our finite brains are in reality simply electrical stations for taking in vibrations from our senses and switching them into output vibrations a.k.a. thoughts & actions through the use of the higher attributes of our minds. All of this converting of vibrations takes place in our brains. However, constantly bombarding our senses with loud noises, flashing lights & fast shifting pictures of TV, pop up ads vying for your attention on computers & constant babbling of commercials on radio and the radioactive waves (short, penetrating vibrations) being sent thru us by these devices - all of this causes our brains to be overloaded & overstimulated and overworked. Again the results are high anxiety. But... if we can accept the fact that we can live without these devices, they lose some of their power over us. We can free ourselves to have more time to observe nature, meditate, write or read mind expanding books (that you actually hold in your hand & physically turn the pages)and most importantly to think positive, healing, peace-full thoughts of your own, then we are truly being more mindful. There is very little room for anxiety in that space. Accept that you do have a Choice. Accept that you can Chose the right thing to do, with some Divine guidance & Accept that anxiety is more of a warning that you are not living in alignment with Natural Law in some way. (B Careful of too much media) ❤️☮️🍀
Finding your self
Looking within can help with you own anxiety you just have to realize how bad you want it
Our mind may try and trap us, one must look before the doors of choice with optimal positive outlook and escape the prison of oneself of isolation.
May You Treasure Yourself
I’m beaming. These words just washed over me with warmth and almost a protective shield. I feel like I have a stronger sense of self this morning that will allow me to be brighter. Hopefully I can pass this on to another person who needs something they are missing in a way I may never know.
It’s OK to except anxiety. Anxiety is a part of my daily life and I usually try to fight it but hearing this help to me to realize that I need to except this part of me. I don’t need to be afraid of anxiety but I am. Maybe if I can start to except the feelings that I’m feeling and work through them rather than push them away, I may be getting somewhere.
Sorry, auto correct out “except” instead of “accept”. Apologies.
Waiting game
To find that moment and delve deeper to find meaning, anxiety is a fickle emotion
My day 1 journey through anxiety
I didn’t learn much. I guess my take away was environment. Noticing you, your body and being aware of the room. For me that was placement of att the furniture, boxes, and other items. Do they fit in place, or do they just exist in limbo, waiting for a place to belong. I think I’m in that situation, feeling like I take up space and don’t know where I belong. Those things trigger me, but maybe it’s just an outward representation of how I feel about myself and where I am in life? Definitely more on this though process as I move forward.
this is an AWESOME session to calm the kind down. thanks A LOT to EVERYONE behind the Aura app
Old time Inner Feelings
I felt some calm and peaceful feelings time and peace slowed down.
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