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Have A Little More Fun

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Jordana Reim
Manage big life moments with grace
This short pep-talk encourages you to enjoy a little more life today. We tend to take things seriously, and our lens on the world is as we choose it. Fill yourself with awe, put on a smile, and maybe change how you see things and watch as they begin to change.
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More fun
I’m going to have more fun today, beginning with a game of tennis with my son. I’m cherishing this time with him before he leaves for college in the fall.
I’ve been asking myself since I was little…why can’t I have more fun?
Today I will send a friend something silly. I will joke with my husband and kids. I will remember that it’s not all that serious! There is much to smile about 😊
Meeting today more fun
When I find it possible because I am working from home for my employer answering phone calls. I’m going to try to be playful with my customers the ones that I can tell are open to it. Also with my coworker as well. I’m also going to look for more opportunities for fun today and every day going forward. I live in a senior community and the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down all our in person activities but I’m still looking for ways to have fun and to communicate with my neighbors and others for me that’s fun.