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Have A Great Morning Meditation

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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
Use this meditation every morning to raise your mood and vibration, set an intention for your day, be grateful, and go into your day with the vibe you want to attract! To learn more about Tina and Deep-Level Self-Care head over to >
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2 reflections
I realize looking back that I have a hard time remembering times when I’ve actually felt at peace or I felt like myself or I felt truly happy and excited but during this exercise, I remembered some thing that I had completely forgot and at that time I felt completely free unjudged and at peace my intention is to try and go through my life and try to remember those times but it also made me aware that I need to put myself in the situation’s or purposely make those peaceful memories where I am truly happy and I am truly free
Positive Mindset
Intention:May my day flow with ease and peace. Mindset: Calm and centered Gratitude: Woke up with a positive mindset. Body feels energized. Having a few peaceful moments to myself this morning. Raising Vibration: Remembering a time where I felt at peace, happy, and free is sitting by a creek after a day of hiking. Soaking my feet in the cold refreshing water and listening to the sounds of the water flow. I felt rejuvenated and alive. Taking a snapshot of this memory to carry with me through out my day when I need a positive energy pick me up. I really enjoyed starting my day with this morning meditation. It is the perfect way to begin the day in a positive centered mindset. Thank you Tina! 🙏
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